• Asmara, Lebanese Multilingual singer

    Asmara is a talented Lebanese singer with a flair for performing in abroad vocal spectrum.

    From an early age, Asmara had discovered a passion for music, having grown up in a musical family. With her father being a well-known artist, Asmara grew up in a nourishing environment that greatly encouraged an interest in music of all genres.
    From the tender age of five, she was performing and dancing at school festivals.

    Since her infancy, music has played an important role in her life. As well as over six years of piano lessons, Asmara was also taught to sing at both home and school. Subsequently, public performances have become significant features of her musical career to date.
    Young, beautiful and professional… with an awe-inspiring voice, Asmara combines Oriental and Occidental influences. She learned several languages, including Arabic, French, English, Spanish, and Italian and has used them all in the course of her career.